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Fix COD Warzone Voice Chat Cuts Out Midway through Matches

Warzone Voice Chat Cuts

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Warzone voice chat cuts out midway through matches is a problem that’s been surfacing with the game. The voice chat cuts mostly occur with cross play and when the mic configuration is set to Open Mic. To temporarily fix the issue, you can use the ‘Push to Talk’ option. Activation has identified the issue and listed it among the errors of the game they are working on. So, in the next patch you can expect a fix for the problem.

Why Does the Warzone Voice Chat Cuts Occur?

From the nature of the issue, we assume there is some error in the game that does not allow it to correctly detect the voice over the Open Mic option.

Fix 1: Disable and Enable Voice Chat

This is a temporary fix and it’s likely that you will experience the error with chat again. But, it seems to fix the issue for a few games. So, go ahead and disable the chat in the game, wait a few seconds and enable it again.

Fix 2: Change Audio Settings to “Mute everyone but friends.”

For some reasons when you enable Mute everyone but friends, you can play the game with your friends and the voice chat problem does not appear.

Fix 3: Reset All Audio Options

Another fix you can try is resetting all the audio settings of the game. A lot of users on various forums suggested this fix and it resolved their problem.

Fix 4: Make PS4 Player Party Leader

As we were scanning through thousands of posts on forums, a user suggested that the Warzone voice chat cuts when the party leader is on PC. They experimented on their theory and found out making PS4 player the party leader prevented the bug from arising. Several other users confirmed to this, so you can try this when playing Crossplay.

If the above fix did not resolve your Warzone voice chat cuts, it’s a problem with the game and you will have to wait for the developers to release a new patch that addresses the issue. If you have a more effective solution for the issue, you can share them in comments.    

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