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CoD titles beings stuck at Compiling Shaders is an old issue that’s happened with several of the previous titles including BOCW, MW, and Warzone. The issue has reemerged with Vanguard and occurs on PS5, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. When you first launch the game, it starts to compile Shaders but gets stuck at a certain percentage with either one or two of the three packs loaded. The most likely cause of the CoD Vanguard Stuck on Compiling Shaders issue is a glitch and can be fixed by restarting the process, but there are other solutions as well. Keep reading and we will help you fix the issue on all devices.

CoD Vanguard Stuck on Compiling Shaders Fix

As mentioned earlier, the most effective solution to fix Vanguard Stuck on Compiling Shaders is to restart the Shader Compilation. Restarting the process will delete the old files already created and restart the process. A glitch during the process can lead to the compilation process getting stuck. To reset the Shader Compilation, go to the Settings of the game and then to the Graphics section. You will find the option Restart Shader Compilation.

For players on PC, you also have the option to repair the game. If there was an issue while downloading the game files and not all files were downloaded, it may lead to the process getting stuck when compiling Shaders. Simply ‘Scan and Repair’ the game using the Battle.Net client and then relaunch the game.

For users on PS4, PS5, Xbox, and if the above fix didn’t work for PC users, the best and the final solution is to reinstall the game. Uninstall the application and perform a complete reinstall. It should fix the issue permanently.

These are the solutions that have worked in the past to fix the Compiling Shaders process not working and hopefully works in Vanguard as well.        

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