Fix Black Ops Cold War ‘Server Queue’ Stuck Error

Players of Cal of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone are familiar with the message “Server Queue,” it happens when the servers are under strain, but quite a lot of players are reporting that the screen gets stuck and they cannot play the game even after the countdown. The Black Ops Cold War ‘Server Queue’ message states, “Servers are experiencing high volume. You have been entered into the queue and will be placed into a game shortly.” You are provided with the duration you have waited thus far and the estimated wait.

Fix Black Ops Cold War Server Queue

The server status notification is common and has existed for quite some time, but players complain that message is stuck and does not go away. The problem is not platform specific. Users on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S are all facing similar issues. Stick around and we will share a few solutions that have worked for others and tell you more about the “Server Queue” stuck message.

Fix Black Ops Cold War ‘Server Queue’ Stuck Error

After getting the Black Ops Cold War ‘Server Queue’ message, players are confused if they should click on exit and if that will cause them to lose the place in the queue. From what we know, the server queue is a message that the server initiates when the servers are busy and estimates the time it will take to allow new players. However, a lot of players abandon the game after getting the message. So, under most circumstance, a simple reboot of the game will allow you to play the game without coming across the ‘Server Queue’ message.

It may appear that the game is putting your profile in queue, but from experience and user reports that seems not to be the case. A simple reboot of the game will allow you to get to the main menu and continue with the game.

But, if the message is consistent and does not seem to go away the problem could be with the current status of the server. The server might be in strain due to a large number of players flooding the game. In which case, there are a few options, you can either continue to retry to get into the server, wait for a few hours, or try to play the game when you know fewer people would be playing.

Finally, the other reason you could be seeing the message is when the servers are experiencing a glitch, there is a scheduled maintenance, or some other problem with the servers. Twitter is a great place to discover any issue with the server as a lot of players would be reporting it. You can also visit websites such as Downdetector that display the status of the server with user comments at the bottom. So, that’s a great place to get an idea of what’s going on.

If a large number of players are facing the same issue, it’s most likely because of the server issue. That’s all we have in this guide. For most users, the Black Ops Cold War ‘Server Queue’ stuck error would be fixed with a simple reboot of the game. But, if we’ve left something out or you have a better solution, share them in the comments. We will update the post when we know more about the issue.

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