Fix Black Ops Cold War Crashing Xbox Series X

Black Ops Cold War is the latest title in the Call of Duty franchise. With the new consoles released, this also means players can enjoy the game on more powerful hardware of next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. However, eager fans who jumped to play the game are reporting Black Ops Cold War is crashing Xbox Series X. The issues is not widespread, you either have the problem or the game runs just fine. If you are in the unlucky group of players whose Xbox Series X shuts down when you try to play Black Ops Cold War, there is a quick and simple fix you can try. Stick around and we will help you resolve the error.

Fix Black Ops Cold War Crashing Xbox Series X

Players on PS5 are having a smooth game with occasional reports of crash, but nothing concerning. As we browsed forums, we found that the problem may be occurring due to the different versions of the game. The game is available on the new Series X consoles as well as Xbox One, but has different versions.

The problem seems to steam when an Xbox Series X users downloads the Xbox One version of the game. The Xbox One version of the game costs $60, whereas the Xbox Series X version cost $70. As Activation does not support the Xbox Smart Delivery, a lot of players may have been confused and download the $60 version on their Series X consoles. The game should still work with backward compatibility, but the feature seems to be broken with the game and is leading to the game crashing.

If the above is the reason for the game crashing and shutting down your console, sadly there is nothing you can do at the moment. Hopefully, Activation would soon get to the bottom of the issue and either grant a refund or an upgrade with the additional cost. Whatever the solution, we will have to wait for Activation to address it.

But, that’s not the only reason the Black Ops Cold War is crashing on Xbox Series X, player who have the right version of the game are also reporting fatal crash that’s shutting down the system. For such players, the problem may lie in downloading the game in an external hard drive. In this case, the server may have mistaken the console and sent the wrong version. The issue can easily be fixed by downloading the game in your internal storage or the option storage.

With such a huge size of the game, downloading the game again may not be an easy ask for a lot of players, but that seems to be the only permeant fix to the Black Ops Cold War crashing Xbox Series X problem. Fortunately, if you have the $70 purchased, reinstalling the game on the internal storage seems to fix the crash and other related problems with the game. Meanwhile, we hope that activation will get to the root of the issue and fix the backward compatibility, so even players with the wrong version of the game can play it on their device.

The $70 or next-gen version of the game comes with some attractive features such as the PS5 controller’s haptic feedback triggers, better resolution and frame rate.

That’s all we have in this guide, we hope your issue has been resolved, if you have some other solutions share them in comments.

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