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Fix Apex Legends New Season 15 Update Uses 100% GPU Issue

Fix Apex Legends Season 15 Crashing and Freezing After the Update

The new season 15 Eclipse update in Apex Legends finally arrives and it has a lot of changes and fixes added with the patch. However, this new season 15 also has several bugs and issues such as crashing and freezing or couldn’t initialize sound errors. Recently, many players are reporting that the game is showing 100% GPU usage. That means that you have used your graphics card fully and now you can’t squeeze more out of it. So, what is causing your GPU usage to drop to such a low, and how to resolve this issue? Let’s learn how you can fix Apex Legends Season 15 update uses a 100% GPU issue.

How to Fix Apex Legends New Season 15 Update Uses 100% GPU Issue

In Apex Legends or any other online games, 100% GPU usage may ultimately lead to higher temperatures and performance-related issues. There could be multiple reasons why you are running into this problem that include using integrated graphics, your game is not optimized or there being a driver issue. Here we have covered all possible solutions to get rid of the Apex Legends season 15 update using a 100% GPU issue.

First of all – Make sure to go through the following generic workarounds

– Simply restart your computer once, relaunch the game, and then check if the issue persists.

– Clear out the cache on your Origin and Steam as a few players have resolved the issue by clearing the cache memory from their launcher. 

– If any of the game files are missing or corrupted, repair them and the issue should be fixed. You can repair the game files on both Steam and Origin.

After addressing these basic yet very important points, you may proceed to the following troubleshooting steps to resolve the Apex Legends season 15 update using 100% GPU issue.

1. Update the Graphics Driver

Your graphics driver must be updated to the latest version for the best system performance. To update:

1. Open up the search box and type “Device manager” hit “Enter” and open up “Windows Device Manager”

2. Click on “Display adapters” and then right-click on your graphics driver

3. Choose update driver from the drop-down

4. Lastly, click on “Search automatically for updated driver software” and the downloading and installing process will start

5. Once done, relaunch the game and you won’t encounter GPU 100% usage issue in Apex Legends in Season 15

2. Reset the Power Option

The next method to resolve Apex Legends’ new season 15 update using a 100% GPU issue is to reset the power option. To reset:

1. Go to the Windows search bar and type in “Edit power plan” and then hit Enter

2. Click on “Change advanced power settings”

3. Next, double-click on “Processor power management” and then expand “Minimum processor state”

4. Lastly, edit the value of Settings to approx. 20% or even less and then click on Apply and Ok to save changes

5. Once done, relaunch the game and the issue should be eliminated

3. Close Down All Background Apps

Sometimes, apps and programs running in the background also use 100% GPU and by closing them, you can reduce the burden on the CPU. To do that:

1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del keys on your keyboard and go to Task Manager

2. Close all apps which you are not using currently one by one

3. Once closed, relaunch the game and check if that makes any difference

4. Stop Overclocking

Although, overclocking the CPU provides better performance while playing a game but eventually, it uses full GPU and can damage your system’s processors so better to stop overclocking the CPU. To stop:

1. Go to the BIOS menu or go to the ‘Advanced’ tab

2. Go to ‘Performance’

3. Find an option that indicates overclocking or something similar

4. If it is enabled, which should be the case if your CPU is overclocking, then disable it

5. Save the settings and press ‘Yes’ to any confirmation dialogue box

6. Exit the BIOS menu and restart your computer system

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