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Fix Apex Legends Season 15 Couldn’t Initialize Sound Error

Fix Apex Legends Season 15 Couldn't Initialize Sound Error

The new season 15 of Apex Legends was launched on November 1, 2022. This new season brings a new legend called Catalyst with some unique new powers along with a new map – Broken Moon. Like another massive game update, Apex Legends is no stranger to several crashing and performance-related issues.

Lately, many players are running into an error that reads – “Engine Error. Couldn’t initialize sound……….Failed in: MilesDriverCreate Miles output follows…” After this error message, the game crashes, and players are unable to launch the game. If you are also running into the same annoying issue and want to get rid of it quickly, check out this guide and learn how you can fix it with some quick possible solutions.

How to Fix Apex Legends Season 15 Couldn’t Initialize Sound Error

The exact error says – “Engine Error. Couldn’t initialize the sound. Please make sure you have a sound playback device that is enabled and properly configured. Failed in: MilesDriverCreate Miles output follows If you are seeing the same error message, then don’t panic as many other gamers are also receiving the same message.

Let’s find out in this guide, how you can remove this error with some simple workarounds.

1. According to the error, you first need to remove the “miles_channels” launch option to fix this error. To do so:

– Go to Steam Library and right-click on the Apex Legends

– Then click on ‘Properties’

– Under ‘General’ – Remove any text in the ‘Launch Options” text box

– Once done, relaunch Steam and run the game and the error message will be gone.

2. For some reason, Apex Legends uses the wrong sound device and it doesn’t want to change it even though there is another primary audio device available. So, you can also try to fix this issue by forcing the output to be the right audio device in the Windows and then check. You can also try to use a 3rd party app such as EarTrumpet as it worked for some players. 

3. Some players have suggested on Reddit to switch your headphone to the speaker output and the issue will get resolved. However, when you switch back to your headphone, you may face no audio issue.

That’s all we have at the moment to fix Apex Legends season 15 couldn’t initialize sound error.

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