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Fix Amnesia: Rebirth Unable to Run | Sprint Not Working or Doesn’t Work

Fix Amnesia Rebirth Unable to Run Sprint Not Working or Doesn’t Work

If you haven’t had your fill of horror games with Phasmophobia, there is another title that’s considered even scarier. Amnesia horror game series has returned with the new title Amnesia: Rebirth. The new title refreshes the title making-up for the not-so-awesome last title. Unlike Phasmophobia, there is little you can do to fight the creature in Amnesia: Rebirth. Your only tools are running and hiding, which makes the game scarier as you have little to fight back. But, if you encounter the bug that disables your ability to run, it can be a stressful situation. A lot of players on various platform are complaining of a bug that renders you unable to run or sprint in Frictional Games’ Amnesia: Rebirth.

You will have to fix the bug in order to proceed. Without the ability to run, you are sitting duck for the creature in the game. Stick around and we will help fix the Amnesia: Rebirth unable to run, sprint not working or doesn’t work.  

Fix Amnesia: Rebirth Unable to Run | Sprint Not Working or Doesn’t Work

Amnesia horror series is awesome and one of the best in the horror game category. The ability or disability of the player to fight back is what makes the game unique and terrifying. As mentioned earlier, your only means of escape is running from the creature and hiding when situation presents itself.  But, with the Amnesia: Rebirth unable to run or sprint feature not working, your only tool to stay alive becomes unusable.

There is no pattern or there is nothing you cannot do to prevent the bug from surfacing, it’s completely random on both PS4 and PC. While, we hope that the developers will soon release a fix for the issue, there are certain things you can do to resolve the bug.

It seems that persistence pays off when you encounter the Amnesia Rebirth sprint not working bug. Keeping hitting the shift key when you encounter the bug and the game will fix itself. For PS4 players, keep hitting the L2 and the error will hopefully resolve. The fix is not guaranteed, while we played the game, sometimes repeatedly hitting the sprint key got the main character moving, while other times the protagonist won’t budge.

If the bug is making the game unplayable, restarting the game definitely fixes the bug. Another thing that seems to work is continuing with the game.

We think that certain parts of the game may be bugged and if you continue to play the sprint should return or the game fixes itself. So, there are three things you can do when you find run not working in Amnesia: Rebirth – repeatedly press the Shift key on PC and L2 on PS4, continue playing the game, or restart the game completely.

As this is an early guide, we still do not understand the game completely and the inability to run could be intentional, especially as it occurs randomly and fixes itself. It could be a way for the game to mess with the sanity of players. However, the chance that it’s intentional is slim as it spoils the game experience. Whatever the reason, we will update the post as we know more and hopefully, the developers will release an early fix to address the issue.   

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