FIFA 23 Gets Accidentally Listed for 6 Cents on Epic Games Store

FIFA 23 is an upcoming football game that will launch later this year. This will be the last “FIFA” branded game that EA Sports will develop. Thus, fans are speculating about the launch and are in wait to enjoy the series in its current glory in this last season. Normally, the FIFA games have a $60 price tag for the standard editions, like most other games. The Ultimate edition is priced higher, at $70 or more.

But, yesternight, something unexpected happened as the Ultimate Edition of the upcoming FIFA 23 got listed for just 6 cents on the Epic Games Store. This listing was supposedly a glitch on Epic Games Store’s end as the pricing got fixed within an hour of being up on the store.

Several Epic Games Store users have been able to successfully purchase the game during the short period it was available for the price. The company has not removed the title from these users’ accounts, at least until now.

The Epic Games listing for FIFA 23 at ₹4.80 ($0.6)

It is important to note that Epic Games had run into a similar issue last week with Biomutant. The game was available for a great deal of just $3. Several gamers were able to claim the game during the short time the deal was available. However, the company fixed the pricing glitch soon enough. Later, they notified that they respect the deal and would allow users who got the game at a low price to keep it forever.

The company is yet to make an official statement on the short pricing glitch of FIFA 23. Judging from the way they dealt with the Biomutant pricing glitch, we are expecting the company will allow gamers to keep the Ultimate Edition of the game forever. However, FIFA 23 is a much bigger title than Biomutant. Also, the game is not out yet. This can lead to other consequences as well.

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