Epic to Ban Players for Trade Scams – “Save the World Trades” in Question

 Epic to Ban Players for Trade Scams – “Save the World Trades” in Question

Players who have proven themselves dishonest in the past are feeling the full force of Epic Games’ crackdown. As of today’s update, a new string has been added to the FAQ specifically to address the issue of fraud, which appears to be particularly prevalent in Save The World.

The information was brought to light by ShiinaBR, a well-known content creator and data miner, who discovered a new string in the game referring to “Trade Scams.” It’s true that gamers are having their loot lost to scammers in Save the World; after a couple of years of this happening, Epic Games has decided to take action to prevent it.

Here is a community-sourced way to prevent getting scammed. Please note that this is not a sure-fire way so try it at your own risk:

  • Go to the Pause Menu when in your home base or in a mission.
  • You may find a new tab called Trade. This is where you can select the players in your friend list. This will send a trade request to them.
  • On accepting the offer, an interface will open up, displaying your as well as, the other player’s inventory. You can also confirm the stats of the weapons here.
  • Select the guns that you want to give away and the other person would do the same.
  • When everything is in order, click on accept, else click on reject.

Trading is not encouraged by Epic. Once an item is sold or given away, you no longer own it. The only firearms you own are those you’ve built from plans. There’s no point in wasting time in trading for weapons you can’t use due to level caps. You don’t take damage based on the gun but instead based on your personal fort statistics.

Shubhang Tripathi

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