Epic RPG—All Working Codes for Discord June 2022

The Epic RPG bot for Discord allows users in a group to interact and experience text-based adventure. In this guide, we will see all the working codes for the month of June in Epic RPG. 

Epic RPG—All Working Codes for Discord June 2022

In Epic RPG, you can use codes to redeem in-game items like wood, fish, and other materials and upgrades to use. Here we will see all working codes for the month of June in Epic RPG. 

Below are all the codes that are currently active and can be used to redeem various items. These codes can expire at any time, so it is best to use them before it is too late. 

  • uwu: Get Golden fish (x2) and 100 coins
  • rpg: Get Arena Cookie (x40)
  • code: Get Wooden Logs (x5) and Normie Fish (x5)
  • veryepic: Get Life Potions (x10) and Epic Coin (x1)

Expired Codes

All special event codes till date are expired, along with the following codes.

  • voidest
  • godlylootbox
  • coins
  • morestuff
  • love
  • celebration
  • Christmas
  • Halloween
  • halpensation
  • 150k500k
  • hi
  • 200k
  • epicrpg250k
  • epicrpg_1m
  • epicrpgxmas
  • epicnewyear
  • code[1]
  • epic
  • epicrpg
  • lmao
  • ar4b7ikf3x4
  • Valentine
  • easter
  • fj55jx92nbh
  • j45khr4i5h4
  • n4ijvnh4idh
  • f48hzcm3ip0
  • 400k
  • update_soon
  • achievements
  • compensation

How to Redeem Codes

Once the Epic RPG Bot is added to your Discord server, you can add in codes to redeem free items. To redeem codes, just type in “rpg code” followed by the code name into the chat box and press enter. For example, rpg code morestuff to claim one EPIC coin and 20 Arena Cookies. 

That’s all there is to know about Epic RPG codes for June 2022. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well

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