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Dottore Playable Model Leaked in Genshin Impact

Dottore Playable Model Leaked in Genshin Impact

Dottore has only been recently introduced to us as an antagonist in Genshin Impact’s Sumeru Archon Quest Chapter. He’s cunning and conniving like any Fatui Harbinger but what sets him apart from the rest is that we already know some of his crimes- one of whose victims is Collei- a dear friend to our Traveler now. 

Dottore has not only been leaked as playable but his playable model too has been leaked and surprisingly it’s the same model he’s shown us in-game in Sumeru Archon Quest Chapter Act 3. Read on to get a glimpse at his 3D model and we’ll tell you what else we know about his playable character.

Playable Dottore in Genshin Impact

Dottore’s 3D model, as you can see, is the same one he’s shown himself in Version 3.1 Sumeru Archon Quest Chapter Act 3. He’s also been confirmed to be making an appearance in Act V- the final act of Sumeru’s Archon Quest chapter.

If the leaks are true and this indeed turns out to be his playable form- then this will be the first time Travelers will get to wield an actual villain or villain-like character. Even though Childe was our antagonist before, his playable model doesn’t have him use his mask on his face and thus he looks rather tame and friendly. If Dottore’s model comes with him wearing the mask, it’s the first time players will feel like playing an actual Fatui- and a high-ranking Harbinger no less.
We still don’t know when he will be released but his element will be either Hydro or Cryo and his weapon type is leaked to be a Claymore. It’s likely he will be released just before or after the release of the Fontaine region. There’s also a chance he’ll be the main antagonist of the Fontaine Archon Quest Chapter so we can expect his release around Version 4.3 or 4.4.

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