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Street Fighter 6 is the upcoming fighting game by Capcom and the seventh entry in the Street Fighter series. If you have been a fighting game fan, you have probably heard of the Street Fighter series. As soon as Street Fighter 6 was announced, players started asking several questions, and one of the most important among them is whether Rollback Netcode is returning in Street Fighter 6. If you also have the same question and are looking for a suitable answer, this guide will help you.

Rollback Netcode Feature in Street Fighter 6- Will It Be There?

If you have been willing to play Street Fighter 6 and have played the previous games of this series, especially Street Fighter 5, you are aware of the Rollback Netcode feature. This feature was introduced in Street Fighter 5, and after seven long years, when Street Fighter 6 is coming out, players are curious about this feature.

If you are curious about whether the latest Street Fighter installment will have Rollback Netcode, let me tell you, yes, it has. All the multiplayer modes of the game will have the feature. So, these will probably be the most stable modes of the game. Takayuki Nakayama, the director, confirmed the news in an interview and said that the Rollback Netcode was a new thing they introduced in Street Fighter 5, and they will bring it in Street Fighter 6. However, these two games don’t have a similar Rollback Netcode system.

Rollback Netcode Feature in Street Fighter 6- Will It Be There

Between Street Fighter 5 and 6, there’s a gap of seven years, and fighting games have become more advanced during these years. So, the gameplay features must be advanced. The Netcodes of Street Fighter 5 was great, but the developers have been working on Street Fighter 6’s Netcodes to make them much better. So, Street Fighter 6 will probably bring some impressive net codes to have the most stable multiplayer experiences, wins, etc. Also, the most exciting thing is that these will be accessible from the launch.

That’s all you need to know about whether Street Fighter 6 has Rollback Netcodes.

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