Diablo 4 Difficulty Settings – How to Increase World Tier

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Antara B

Diablo 4 is the upcoming fourth installment in the Diablo Series. Diablo games generally never disappoint players, so players have been expecting a lot from the upcoming game. Currently, players can try the open beta version of Diablo 4, and like every other game, this game has different difficulty settings that players can check out. This guide will help you know about the difficulty settings in Diablo 4 and how to increase them.

What is World Tier in Diablo 4? How to Increase World Tier?

Having different difficulty levels is nothing new in action-adventure games. Diablo games always have several difficulty levels. So, in Diablo 4, it is natural. The more you increase the difficulty, the more the game becomes brutal to you- enemies become challenging, you’ll face more hellish creatures, etc. So, of course, players need to adjust the difficulty level based on their skills.

In Diablo 4, the difficulty levels are denoted as World Tiers. The higher World Tier you play, the more it will become challenging to defeat enemies and progress. However, the leveling up World Tier is a little different in Diablo 4. The game has five World Tiers: Adventurer, Veteran, Nightmare, Hell, and Torment. The best part about these World Tiers is that they are not available at once. As you progress through the game, you’ll eventually unlock them one after another. Check the below list to know how to unlock different World Tiers in Diablo 4-

What is World Tier in Diablo 4? How to Increase World Tier
  • Adventurer (World Tier 1): Unlocks at the beginning. In this level, enemies will be easy to defeat, and the item drop rate will be standard.
  • Veteran (World Tier 2): This difficulty level also unlocks at the beginning of the game. Enemies will be a bit challenging, but players get 20% more XP and 15% Gold.
  • Nightmare (World Tier 3): This will unlock after players reach level 50 and complete Cathedral of Light on Veteran difficulty. Enemies will be more challenging to take down; Nightmare dungeons will be unlocked; Sacred items will be found, and players will get double XP than before.
  • Hell (Worls Tier 4): This difficulty level will be unlocked at level 60 after completing the Fallen Temple mission at Nightmare Difficulty. In this mode, the XP earning becomes more than double; players will get Sacred items more often and receive more non-physical damage.
  • Torment (World Tier 5): This difficulty level will be unlocked at level 70 after completing the Archives of Issalia mission at Hell Difficulty. In this mode, players will get the Ancestral items; XP gaining rate will be 3x; non-physical damage will be significantly inflicted.

These are the World Tiers in Diablo 4 and the way to unlock them. Now, you may ask how to switch the difficulty level in Diablo 4. Well, Adventurer and Veteran difficulties are available from the beginning, so you can start with any of them according to your choice. Later as you level up and unlock new World Tiers, go to the World Tier Statues to switch difficulty. These statues can be found in almost every big city. So, it won’t be challenging to change World Tier.

That’s all you need to know about how to increase your World Tier in Diablo 4.

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