Cyberpunk 2077 – How to Respec your Character

The great thing about RPG games is the ability of the player to modify the character they choose in the game. Cyberpunk 2077 is no different and offers a range of character customization, but unlike other game there is no named class in the game. Instead, you can build your own protagonist V using the attribute points and perks in the game. However, often times you may run out of perk points and may need to respec in order to start over with the customization. Fortunately, the game has the respec mechanics that allows you to get back the perk points you spent. Stick around and we will cover everything on how to respec your character in Cyberpunk 2077.

How to Respec your Character in Cyberpunk 2077

To respec your character in Cyberpunk 2077 you need an essential item in the game – the Tabula E-Rasa. Getting to the item is easy enough, but the problem lies in paying the price for it. With Tabula E-Rasa you can customize the character in the game. But, the game mechanics when it comes to character modification is not without its limits.

At the moment in the game, you can only respect the perk points in the game. From what we know so far, you cannot respec the attribute points. So, don’t be hasty and waste points at the start of the game. Use the attribute points wisely as there is no going back once they are used. The attribute points are what determines the type of perks you get in the game. Suppose, you have invested in Intelligence, then the skill tree for you will share according to your selection. You will get to choose from skills that boost the intelligence of your character.

If you are wondering how to get Tabula E-Rasa, its simple go to any of Ripper Docs in Night City and pay the price of 100K Eddies to obtain the item. So, it’s quite a long way and you will first need to learn how to make money in Cyberpunk 2077.

That’s all we have in this guide, we hope you know how to respec your perk points in Cyberpunk 2077. For more info on the Tabula E-Rasa, visit the linked guide.  

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