Cyberpunk 2077: How to Get Tabula E-Rasa

Cyberpunk 2077 has lived up to the hype and proven worth the waiting. The RPG is similar to other open-world, RPG games, but also different in so many ways. Players would have to get accustomed to the game mechanics. Early-on in the game, you would want to know to respec the skill points early. That’s where the Tabula E-Rasa comes into play. Tabula E-Rasa is crucial if you want to respec perks and skill points in the game. So, stick around and keep scrolling, we will tell you how to get Tabula E-Rasa in Cyberpunk 2077.

How to Get Tabula E-Rasa in Cyberpunk 2077

To get the Tabula E-Rasa in Cyberpunk 2077, you need to visit any of the many Ripper Doc in Night City. Getting to the location of the item is not difficult at all, but where it gets tricky is the price of the item. Tabula E-Rasa costs 100K Eddies and that’s not easy to come by. The game has several ways to farm money such as looting and picking junk, complete contracts, access points, progress in the game and complete missions.

It won’t be until a while that you have the required amount to purchase the Tabula E-Rasa in Cyberpunk 2077. The best way to get good amount of Eddies to Purchase Tabula E-Rasa is to complete missions such as The Rescue among several others.

Once you have the 100K Eddies, you can get the Tabula E-Rasa from any Ripper Doc in Night City. But, before that ensure that you understand the Cyberpunk 2077 Respec system. When using the system, note that you cannot reset the attribute points. So, use them wisely.

That’s all we have in this guide, we hope you know everything about unlocking the Tabula E-Rasa in Cyberpunk 2077.

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