Can you Fix Deathloop Long Matchmaking Times

Deathloop Long Matchmaking Times

Deathloop is an ingenious game combining several facets of the gaming experience. At its core, Deathloop is still a multiplayer game given you choose to play it online. But, that’s where everything starts to go wrong. Multiplayer games have always had matchmaking issues, mainly due to aspects that are not in either the player’s or the developer’s control such as the number of players currently on the game. Too few players will always result in a matchmaking issue. Currently, players are experiencing the Deathloop long matchmaking times. Some players are also reporting getting the Deathloop Connection to host lost after waiting for over 15 minutes and that’s within a few days from the game’s release.

This is not a good sign as the number of players on the game will only decline in the coming days making the Deathloop’s Online Mode even more difficult. If you are lucky you can get a match within 3-4 minutes. While the normal matchmaking is around 10 minutes and that’s when you don’t run into the ‘Connection to host lost’ error. Keep reading as we suggest some fix for the problem.

Fix Deathloop Matchmaking Not Working or Long Matchmaking Times

The fact remains, the matchmaking relies on factors, not in your control or the developers. Currently, the game has around 15K players and has been growing rapidly, which is a good sign for the game and the matchmaking, but how long will the game retain such a player base is the question. With that thought, here are some things you can do to fix the Deathloop matchmaking not working issue.

The first thing you need to ensure is that the problem is not on your end i.e. your connection to the game. Perform a test of the internet connection in the PS5. To do it, go to Settings > Network > Connection Status > Test Internet Connection.

Also, the earliest you can get into the game if your lucky is 3 minutes, so, it’s natural to wait for at least 5-6 minute before abandoning the game.

The most effective solution for the matchmaking issue with Deathloop is to play the game during peak times. Right now would be great as more and more players are buying the game due to the hype. But, other than that weekends and evenings on weekdays are great times. Playing the game at these times will increase the chances of matchmaking. There is nothing more you or the devs can do about the situation unless there is a known matchmaking bug, which you can track on the official Twitter handle for the game, so keep a watch over there. Also, let the devs know about the issue via a Tweet and see if you get a response.  

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