How to Solve Deathloop Cassette Puzzle

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Deathloop is a mysterious escape room game and like all games of the kind, there are some puzzles you need to solve to get to your objective. The objective here is to take out Fia and Charlie, the two visionaries at the same time in one place. Both the lovebirds get together at the same time in Fristad Rock in the afternoon. So, you need to head to the place at the time, but there is another hurdle that you need to clear. You need to solve the Deathloop Cassette Puzzle. Keep reading and we will show you how the puzzle works and how you can solve it easily.

Deathloop – How to Solve the Cassette Puzzle in Charlie & Fia’s Hideout

While the puzzle itself is quite easy to solve, you need to first go to another location for the clue to solving the puzzle. As you must already know, the puzzle is randomly generated, so it’s different for each player. Hence, we cannot guide you with the exact steps to solve the puzzle, but we will show you how to do it.

How to Solve Deathloop Cassette Puzzle

To solve the Cassette Puzzle in Deathloop, you will need to start afresh day and head to Fristad Bay at noon and go to Fia’s bunker. You are going to the bunker to find Pictograms made by Fia. They are crucial to solving the puzzle. While you head to the bunker, ensure that you are not detected or Fia will initiate self-destruct killing everyone including you and you will have to be a new day.

The hint to find the Pictograms can be found at the Yerhva entrance, Queen of Riddles machine. It’s in a safe.

Visionary Leads Journal

So, complete the first step of the puzzle by finding the Pictograms. Once you have done that, return to location – Fristad Bay during the afternoon and go to the cassette machine. Now, open your Visionary Leads Journal and memorize the pictograms. There is a blueprint next to the cassettes and has images of Fia’s Pictograms. Each pictogram is associated with a switch number with arrows. Also, the number is circled right on the orange circle that contains the pictogram. You need to enter the number on cassettes in the same order as the pictogram.

enter the number on cassettes

Once, you do that the Deathloop Cassette Puzzle is solved.        

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