Biomutant – How to Unlock Airglider, Turret, and Others | Upgrade Automaton

Automation is the android grasshopper that accompanies your furry Biomutant as you explore the vast world of the game. Automation is your companion and quite useful once you have unlocked one or all of its abilities. Automation has four abilities that can be unlocked, namely Health Injector, Power-up, Airglider, and Turret. We will tell you what each of these abilities do and how to unlock Airglider in Biomutant. Once you know how to unlock or upgrade Automation in Biomutant, the process is the same for any of the four upgrades.

Biomutant – How to Unlock Airglider | Upgrade Automation in Biomutant

To unlock the Airglider in Biomutant or any of the other three upgrades, you will need to compete quests from an NPC known as Mirage. Every time you complete a side quest for the NPC, you will have the option to unlock or upgrade one of Automation abilities. In order for the Mirage to appear, you need to ensure that you have gone through the first flashback story mission.

As you explore the world, ensure that keep an eye out for the NPC and the screen prompt that reads, ‘Catch the Mirage.’ Once you see the prompt on the screen, go to the Mirage and interact. This will lead to a quest where you need to fight an enemy. The outcome of the fight does not matter. After the fight, the Mirage will give you the opportunity to choose one of Automation abilities to upgrade. You can choose to unlock Airglider or the other three abilities.

The process to unlock all the abilities of Automation is the same. Each time you complete a Mirage request, you can unlock one of Automation abilities.

Biomutant – How to Use Airglider

Once you have unlocked the Airglider, there are certain things you must know before using it. The glider only flies from up to down, meaning you need to be on a high ground for the glider to work. To use the glider, ensure that you are somewhere high and then press and hold the jump button.

So, that how to unlock Airglider and Turret in Biomutant. Check out the game category for more informative guides and tips to play the game.   

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