Back 4 Blood

Best Characters to Choose in Back 4 Blood

Which is the Best Character to Pick in Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood is a forthcoming adventure horror game by Turtle Rock Studios, releasing on 12th October 2021. It is a multiplayer game, where you and your teammates have to defeat the Zombies to survive and progress through the game.

The characters play a significant role in the game, so be careful while selecting your character. There are eight characters in total: Hoffman, Walker, Mom, Holly, Evangelo, Karlee, Jim, and Doc. Players often get confused about which character they should select. In this article, we’ll guide you about your best pick in Back 4 Blood.

Which Character Should You Choose in Back 4 Blood

In Back 4 Blood, all the characters have their unique abilities. Each of them can help you in challenging situations in different ways. Below we are listing down the unique abilities of each character-


  • Has an additional offensive inventory slot
  • Increase the chance to find extra ammo with every kill
  • Boosts the overall ammo capacity of the team by 10%


  • Adds 10 health to his teammates
  • Gets a precision bonus perk when he kills enemies with precision shots.
  • Damage increases by 10%


  • +1 Support inventory slot
  • Can revive an injured teammate instantly, once per level


  • +10% Damage Resistance
  • +10 Stamina for every Ridden kill
  • She can provide +25 Stamina to her teammates.


  • +25% Stamina Regeneration
  • He can increase the movement speed of his team by 5%
  • Can break away from grabs every 60 seconds.


  • Can sense Hazards
  • +1 Quick inventory slot
  • +25% speed to his team


  • +25% ADS speed
  • Precision kills gets him 2.5% of damage boosts
  • 10% damage buff to his team


  • +20% healing efficiency
  • +25% trauma resistance
  • She can heal one of her teammates in every level with 25 HP using the ‘field dressing.’

All the characters in Back 4 Blood are pretty efficient in their unique abilities. Therefore, you need to think before you choose your character. According to our suggestion, Hoffman is the best character to choose. Hoffman plays a crucial role in maintaining the ammo supply of his team. He can generate ammo for himself and also for the teammates whenever he kills an enemy. It increases the team’s ammo capacity by 10%. He also carries additional items like grenades and barbed wire. Therefore, Hoffman is the best character you can choose. But it entirely depends on your decision; if you think his abilities are not suitable for your playing style, you can select any of the players according to your preference.

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