Best Axes & Greataxes in Elden Ring (Tier List)

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You can find a wide array of Axes and Greataxes in Elden Ring -all of them are unique in their own sense and perfect for achieving your desired status. You can use these to make your fighter stronger or simply complete an amusement. 

The game gives you an option to add different types of equipment to your fighters, which can help bolster their speed and offense. In this particular guide, we’ve ranked these weapons from best to worst depending on their effects, power and how much damage they cause. Check it out below.

All Axes in Elden Ring

Jawbone AxeA-Tier
Battle AxeA-Tier
Highland AxeA-Tier
Iron CleaverA-Tier
Warped AxeB-Tier
Icerind HatchetB-Tier
Celebrant’s CleaverB-Tier
Forked HatchetC-Tier
Ripple BladeC-Tier
Hand AxeC-Tier
Stormhawk AxeS-Tier
Rosus’ AxeS-Tier
Sacrificial AxeS-Tier

5 Best Axes in Elden Ring

1. Jawbone Axe

This is a blunt battle-ax that can be used within Elden Ring. This ax does not have any built-in special effects but strikes with some powerful raw attack power. Ideally, strike damage is intended to come from weapons with sharp edges, but this one does not have one – which makes it less effective in certain situations. With that said, this weapon may still prove to be valuable against particularly challenging enemies where raw physical damage is the most important stat you need to worry about.

2. Forked Hatched

In order to achieve the bleed status effect with cutting weapons in Elden Ring, players will want a weapon like Forked Hatchet. The weapon scales with dexterity and has decent base damage. Players can use the weapon to inflict bleed by repeatedly striking enemies. Just be careful! It will break sooner or later.

3. Highland Axe

The Highland Axe will appeal to players who want to look like Kratos when playing this game. The weapon is ideal for those who want to maximize their buff skills as it not only looks great but has a special War Cry skill, which allows players to do more damage with their weapons.

4. Iron Cleaver

While looking shiny and simple enough at first sight, this axe turns out to be one of the best weapons in the game. The Iron Cleaver helps you track enemies easily while charging, as well as travelling a great distance over (quite a distance), which makes it quite forgiving if used right. It is also a deadly weapon with regards to fighting bosses indoors or on the move.

5. Rosus’ Axe

This weapon is one of the strongest axes available for players in the game. With a low base damage it does not seem that good at first glance but when you realize why the weapon is so effective , you will want to get your hands on the weapon as soon as possible. The special attack of this weapon allows the player to summon three skeletons who attack your enemies and deal insane amounts of damage.

All Greataxes in Elden Ring

Executioner’s GreataxeA-Tier
Axe of GodrickA-Tier
Rusted AnchorA-Tier
Longhaft AxeA-Tier
Crescent Moon AxeA-Tier
Great Omenkiller CleaverA-Tier
Butchering KnifeB-Tier
Winged GreathornB-Tier
Gargoyle’s Great AxeB-Tier
Gargoyle’s Black AxeS-Tier

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5 Best Greataxes in Elden Ring

1. Crescent Moon Axe

This is another weapon that are quite fond of among players. However, it does have a bit of an issue with the base damage. This axe is not as powerful as some others at the same level and it makes your character even more vulnerable to attacks from monsters other than bosses. The damage output it has at its highest level however boosts up the base damage and you’ll be hard pressed to discover something similar when you get this axe to Level.

2. Great Omenkiller Cleaver

This is without a doubt one of the best greataxes that players can obtain throughout the game. Firstly, this weapon’s base damage is extremely high. Secondly, it comes with a very useful status effect – bleed. This is one of the most powerful effects in this game. The weapon art on this one is also very useful since it allows you to stack up your attack so effectively.

3. Greataxe

This weapon from the Greataxe category has a lot of strength behind it. You can get your hands on it fairly early in your Elden Ring journey. Obviously, stronger weapons are available, but you will find this to be an effective mid to late game weapon if you want an all-out strength build. The weapon requires 30 Strength to use, and scales rather well into end-game content. The weapon art, Barbaric Roar, can make up for some lack of damage in terms of the Weapon Art Power stat by increasing the damage rating significantly.

4. Executioner’s Greataxe

The greataxe isn’t an advanced weapon but it can be obtained from any blacksmith. The greataxe is average in stats, and the damage isn’t anything extraordinary, but it’s definitely a good weapon to use in battle because of its high critical hit weight. It goes without saying that you have to upgrade or improve it if you’re going to use it for extended periods at a time though. A +10 version of the axe does roughly around 70-80 points of damage with each blow but your attacks will become more powerful as your strength rises overall – so keep lifting and boosting those stats.

5. Axe of Godrick

The final weapon on this list, the Axe of Godrick has massive base damage with a strong weapon skill to match. This axe is great for dealing large amounts of damage in a short period of time.

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