Best Artifacts for Baizhu in Genshin Impact Version 3.6

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Allow me to introduce Baizhu, a prominent figure in Teyvat. Baizhu is the owner of Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue Harbor and a highly skilled herbalist. He is known for his vast knowledge of medicinal plants and his unconventional methods of healing. Baizhu is a reserved and enigmatic individual, often seen wearing a mask and carrying a walking stick. Despite his mysterious nature, he is well-respected within the community for his expertise and dedication to his craft. If you ever find yourself in need of medical assistance or seeking rare herbs, Baizhu is the person to approach. He may appear gruff at first, but his heart is in the right place, and he has helped countless individuals throughout his years of service in Teyvat.

This article is for individuals who were curious about the best artifacts to use on Baizhu, who is presently on banner as his debut release in Genshin Impact Version 3.6. Thankfully, Baizhu has a lot of artifact options and we will discuss them below. Continue reading to learn more.

Baizhu’s Best Artifacts in Genshin Impact 3.6

Baizhu’s artifacts requirements are rather simple. Stack as much HP on him as you can while also trying to make sure you get him up to 160-180 ER% at the minimum. He has a high 80 Energy cost on his elemental burst and he doesn’t generate much particles on his own so even with a Dendro Resonance, you’ll need 160-180% ER. Without Dendro Resonance, as a solo Dendro unit in your party, Baizhu will need anywhere from 220-250% ER.

As for his ideal Max HP, aim for touching 50k HP to get the full bonus of his team-wide buffs on Bloom and Quicken reactions. Without further ado, here are his best artifact sets:

  • Deepwood Memories: Best artifact set for him since the Dendro shred is invaluable and using this set on him means your other Dendro characters can now use Gilded Dreams which vastly increases the overall team damage.
  • Ocean Hued Clam: Use this on Baizhu strictly if you want to maximise and capitalise on his healing- do note that he won’t be using this set to its fullest potential.
  • Emblem of Severed Fate: If you’re struggling with his ER then go for this set but in general you’ll be losing out on his potential as a Dendro unit.
  • Tenacity of the Millelith/Vourukasha’s Glow: You can use 4-set of either sets or mix and match 2-pieces of both to get the flat 40% HP bonus.
  • Gilded Dreams/Wanderer’s Troupe: Best sets for an on-field or quick-swap Baizhu. Just stack EM and you can use him as your on-field Dendro driver- though not recommended for Spread and Burgeon teams.
  • Instructor’s Set: Alternative 4-star set to use instead of Gilded or Wanderer’s and this 4-set will also increase your overall team damage.

Baizhu is a reliable healer who can provide consistent healing and shielding for his party. He can also apply Dendro to enemies and enhance Dendro reactions with his skills. He is best suited for team compositions that focus on Dendro reactions and can benefit from his HP scaling. However, he does not deal much damage himself and his shield is not very durable. Baizhu is a great choice for players who need a versatile healer and Dendro enabler.

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