Animal Crossing New Horizons Same Music Loop and other Audio Issues

Animal Crossing New Horizons Same Music Loop and other Audio Bugs

Animal Crossing New Horizon has been one of the most awaited titles in March besides DOOM Eternal and COD Warzone. This life simulation game is just what we need right now amidst the COVID-19 confusion. Just the game we need to stay confined and safe in our homes. The game is well-built for most parts, besides some audio errors that users are facing such as the Animal Crossing New Horizons same music loop and other errors.

If you have been facing any of these errors the fix is pretty straightforward and in fact not a bug. The developers intended for the music to run in loops until you build the Town Hall.

So, if you are hearing the Animal Crossing New Horizons Same Music Loop, simply create a Town Hall and the music will be activated.

Some users are waiting for a patch to resolve this issue and not playing the game. If you are one of them, get into the game and eventually after you build a Town Hall, the sound loop will disappear. As this is intended, we do not expect any patch to be released that would fix the problem.

For players who have an actual problem with the sound in the game. A user in a forum shared a great fix. If you are playing the game on a TV, check if the Switch audio is set to automatic. If your sound is set to surround and the screen does not support that, the problem can arise. Set it to automatic to fix the problem. By setting to automatic, you allow the device to make the adjustments according to the audio equipment and the error disappears. If you have any other audio errors with the game, let us know and we will investigate them on your behalf.

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