All Flowers and Where to Get Them in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Jayita T
Jayita T

Gameloft’s life sim and adventure game Disney Dreamland Valley will be receiving an update very soon. In this guide, we will take you through the process of how to find all the flowers in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Flowers: Locations and Selling Prices

Flowers in Disney Dreamlight Valley have a lot of uses, such as crafting and decorating the town, and even using them in quests. You can also collect and sell some if you’re in need of money. If you want to know where to find each one, we have a guide for you below. You will also be able to learn the selling price for each flower so that you can pick them according to your needs.

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All Flowers and Where to Get Them in Disney Dreamlight Valley 1

There are 40 types of flowers, with each region having five types. Here is the list of all the flowers in Disney Dreamlight Valley with their selling prices.


  • Blue Falling Penstemon: 23 Star Coins
  • Dandelion: 23 Star Coins
  • Purple Falling Penstemon: 23 Star Coins
  • Red Falling Penstemon: 18 Star Coins
  • White & Pink Falling Penstemon: 41 Star Coins

Peaceful Meadow

  • Green Rising Penstemon: 35 Star Coins
  • Purple Rising Penstemon: 25 Star Coins
  • Red Daisy: 48 Star Coins
  • White Daisy: 25 Star Coins
  • Yellow Daisy: 20 Star Coins

Forest of Valor

  • Blue Star Lily: 30 Star Coins
  • Orange Star Lily: 43 Star Coins
  • Purple Bell Flower: 30 Star Coins
  • Red Bell Flower: 23 Star Coins
  • White Bell Flower: 60 Star Coins

Dazzle Beach

  • Blue Hydrangea: 28 Star Coins
  • Pink Hydrangea: 22 Star Coins
  • Purple Hydrangea: 39 Star Coins
  • Sunflower: 28 Star Coins
  • White & Red Hydrangea: 54 Star Coins

Glade of Trust

  • Blue Marsh Milkweed: 48 Star Coins
  • Orange & Red Marsh Milkweed: 66 Star Coins
  • Orange Marsh Milkweed: 33 Star Coins
  • Purple Marsh Milkweed: 25 Star Coins
  • White Marsh Milkweed: 33 Star Coins

Sunlit Plateau

  • Orange Houseleek: 52 Star Coins
  • Pink Bromeliad: 27 Star Coins
  • Pink Houseleek: 35 Star Coins
  • Red Bromeliad: 27 Star Coins
  • Yellow Bromeliad: 73 Star Coins

Frosted Heights

  • Black Passion Lily: 79 Star Coins
  • Blue Passion Lily: 56 Star Coins
  • Green Passion Lily: 28 Star Coins
  • Red Passion Lily: 38 Star Coins
  • White Passion Lily: 38 Star Coins

Forgotten Lands

  • Orange Nasturtium: 60 Star Coins
  • Purple Impatiens: 40 Star Coins
  • Red Nasturtium: 40 Star Coins
  • White Impatiens: 30 Star Coins
  • Yellow Nasturtium: 85 Star Coins

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