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All Correct Answers for El Sin Nombre Mission in Modern Warfare 2

All Correct Answers for El Sin Nombre Mission in Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 is finally out on early access, and players have already been trying out the new campaign missions. In this guide, we will take you through the process of how to answer all the questions in El Sin Nombre correctly in Modern Warfare 2 Campaign.

How to Answer Valeria’s Questions Correctly in El Sin Nombre in Modern Warfare 2

There are 17 revealed missions in the game, and all of them have different locations and tasks for you to complete. If you are looking for all the right answers for El Sin Nombre Mission in Modern Warfare 2 you’re in the right place, as we will tell you the solution.

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This particular mission is about tracking down a drug cartel leader. You will be playing as the protagonist Soap. Once you have started the campaign mission El Sin Nombre, you will come across Valeria, who will be interrogating you. It’s very important that you answer her questions correctly or you will be detained. Or worse.

In order to progress through this sequence quickly, you will need the correct answers. These need to be chosen by you when Valeria is asking the questions. Valeria is an intimidating character who isn’t afraid to pull the trigger. She will grill you for the answers unless you provide a satisfactory response.

It’s in your best interests, to speak the truth, as Valeria will tell you. In case you select the wrong answer, you will have one chance to rectify your response. If you answer incorrectly, Valeria will shoot you.

Here are all the correct answers to Valeria’s questions in the El Sin Nombre mission:

Q1. Who attacked us?

A. It was Mexican Special Forces.

Q2. There were outsiders helping the Mexican Special Forces…Who were they?

A. American PMCs. Shadow Company.

Q3. Who leads the Shadow Company?

A. Phillip Graves.

Q4. What does he want?

A. Missiles.

Once you have answered all the questions correctly, Valeria will set you free and you can continue with your mission. Also, she will order Diego to shoot Nunez in front of you. A fate that could have been yours, had you not answered with the right choices.

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