12 Minutes – How to Kill the Cop

Harry S
Harry S

As you start to play the latest adventure game 12 Minutes, the most daunting adversary you will face is a cop or someone disguised as a cop. The cop’s motive is to rob the home of a specific pocket watch the Mrs. is hiding in the apartment. No matter what you do the cop always seems to have an upper hand and kill you. So, after several attempts, you must be wondering if you can kill the cop. There is in fact a way to kill the cop. Stick with this post and we will show you how to kill the cop in 12 Minutes.

How to Kill the Cop in 12 Minutes

To kill the cop in 12 Minutes, you need to first render him unconscious and incapacitate the wife. These are the two important aspects. To make the cop unconscious you can use the light switch which would give the cop a shock. And unless the wife is unconscious she will alert the cop about your location and he may not go to the switch.

One of the things to note is unless you surprise the cop there is no way to kill him head-on. You need to pay attention to the things available. There is a knife at the kitchen counter, but you cannot use it on the cop head-on as he will counter it and the game will reset. Instead, you should use the knife on the wife.

To kill the cop in 12 minutes, use the faulty switch in the bedroom. First, go to the kitchen and take the knife. Then, head to the bedroom and turn on the faulty switch (it will give you a shock) and then turn it off. Now, you can choose to kill the wife or make her unconscious. There is another way to deal with the wife and that’s to drug her. For this, you will require a mug filled with water and use the pills available in the medicine cabinet. Give the cup to the wide and she will pass out.

Now that the wife is out of the way and you have the bedroom dark, the cop will turn on the light, exactly what you want and it will electrocute him. With everything set up, hide in the closet close to the main room.

When the cop is incapacitated, move in and kill him with the knife on your or use the knife on the cop. Note that the cop will only be down for a few seconds so you need to finish the job quickly.    

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