Warhammer 40k Darktide

Which is the Best Class in Warhammer 40000: Darktide

Which is the Best Class in Warhammer 40000 Darktide

Warhammer 40000: Darktide is the upcoming game of the Warhammer 40000 series, and players have been waiting for the game for a long time. Before the official launch of a game, even after the game releases, players have tons of queries regarding the game, and Warhammer 40000: Darktide is no exception. If you are already pre-ordered the game and playing the beta version, you may become confused about the best class to play in the game. This guide will help you with it.

Which Class is Best to Choose in Warhammer 40000: Darktide- Explain

Warhammer 40000: Darktide is one of the last big titles going to release this year, and players have been waiting for the game eagerly. If you have been playing the game or have played other games of this series, you are aware of the various classes in the game. Below we have discussed all the classes you can get in Warhammer 40000: Darktide-

Veteran Sharpshooter

This is a ranged class. The character in this class can take down challenging enemies from a distance. Veteran Sharpshooter is the game’s most versatile class, with Grenades as the best weapons in this class. If you want to learn new skills and adapt to new scenarios, this will be the best option for you.


It is another excellent class for the players. This character is not good at crowd control but can deal deadly damage to a single target. With the combination of different attacks and effects, this class is an absolute slayer class.

Zealot Preacher Class

Next, the class you can consider choosing is the Zealot Preacher Class. This class heavily depends on DPS elements, and it boosts the team’s power while reducing the enemies’ strength.

Orgryn Class

This is a tanker class with a Tank character. If you prefer a Tank Character to do lots of damage, you can choose this class. Though the Tank Character is not as powerful as the other three classes, it can still deal tons of damage to the enemies.

These are the four classes you will get in the game, and we have arranged them according to our preferences. It doesn’t mean this arrangement suits every player, as the best class for every player depends on the way they play. So, it will be almost impossible to say the best class to play. The best is something that suits your playing style the most, and it differs for everyone. Therefore, if you disagree with our class suggestion, you can play as every character and find your best class in Warhammer 40000: Darktide.

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