Where to Find Salmon in Disney Dreamlight Valley

 Where to Find Salmon in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is one of the most-played life-simulator games, released in September 2022. Though life-simulator games generally get popular, Disney Dreamlight Valley has earned massive popularity. The primary reason behind the game’s popularity is that it takes players to a dreamy, magical world where they can see Disney characters roaming everywhere.  However, there are lots of things that players need to do, and finding fish in different biomes is one of them. This guide will help you find Salmon in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Salmon Location in Disney Dreamlight Valley- How to Catch?

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are multiple biomes to explore, and each biome has numerous items to find. When you are looking for a fish, it is evident that you want to cook some recipes, and in this game, there are specific recipes that require specific ingredients. So naturally, some recipes require Salmon in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Salmon is a common fish in the game that players need to make multiple recipes, including Apple-Cider-Glazed- Salmon, Teriyaki Salmon, etc. So, if you are looking for Salmon in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you have to unlock Sunlit Plateau and Frosted Heights. Both these biomes are late-game biomes that take 7000 and 10000 Dreamlight, respectively, to be unlocked.

Once you unlock these biomes, you can visit any of the two biomes to get Salmon. However, it is better to stick to Frosted Heights as this biome has more chances to give to Salmon. In the rivers of these locations, you can see white bubbling locations, which can be the best spots to fish Salmon.

Salmon Location in Disney Dreamlight Valley- How to Catch

Frosted Heights’ rivers have white bubbling spots more frequently than others. So, it is better to go to this biome if you want to prepare some recipes that require Salmon. Fishing in those spots won’t take you long to get an adequate amount of Salmon fish.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Salmon in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The salmon locations make it clear that recipes that require Salmon can’t be prepared early in the game.


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