What are the High-Value Loot Zones in COD: Warzone Season 3

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COD: Warzone Season 3 has been live for a few days now, and players are pretty excited to explore every new feature of the game. Like every new season, COD: Warzone Season 3 also brought a lot of new features and items, like new operators, weapons, maps, etc. Another very interesting feature is introduced in this season named- High-Value Loot Zones.

This guide will help you know what High-Value Loot Zones mean in COD: Warzone Season 3.

High-Value Loot Zones in COD: Warzone Pacific Season 3- Explained

Season 3 of Warzone has brought several new features to the game, and High-Value Loot Zones are one of the biggest additions. The moment you start playing the game, your first and foremost aim is to loot weapons and open supply Boxes to get valuable items. The game constantly changes the loot. For example, in a game, if you find a good ground loot from a location, you want to go to that place in the next game as well to get valuable items. But maybe the second time, you’ll get nothing useful from that location, and this change is random. No one knows where he will get valuable loot. This makes the looting process complicated and challenging.

This thing has been solved by introducing the High-Value Loot Zones in COD: Warzone Season 3. These areas contain lots of Resurgence Crates, high-tier loots, and cash. These things regenerate with time. High-Value Loot Zones will be marked by dollar signs beside them. These areas contain items like-

  • Perks
  • Dead Silence
  • Legendary Weapons
  • Durable Gas Mask
  • Killstreaks
  • Armor Satchel

These areas are not yet available in the game. They will arrive as a part of Operation Monarch on 11th May 2022. We don’t know how many High-Value Loot Zones will be there and if these High-Value Loot Zones will stay even after Operation Monarch ends or not. To get further information, we have to wait until the Operation Monarch event begins. But these High-Value Loot Zones surely motivate players to go to the new locations they usually don’t want to visit.

However, if you are curious about the High-Value Loot Zones in COD: Warzone Season 3, check out our guide for necessary information.

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