Upcoming Fontaine and Mondstadt Character Designs Leaked in Genshin Impact

 Upcoming Fontaine and Mondstadt Character Designs Leaked in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact recently had a slew of Fontaine leaks and of them, the character models were the most reliable and interesting. Though all of these characters aren’t from Fontaine, they are all from new unreleased regions- one of which is also a region of Mondstadt. Read on to see these brand-new character designs and see if you have a favourite among them.

Upcoming Characters from Genshin Impact’s Fontaine and Mondstadt Leaked

While most of these characters are from Fontaine, at least two of them are rumoured to be from Mondstadt. Though, at the time of this leak, we still don’t know which of these are the Mondstadt characters. The girl with animal ears on the extreme left is already known to us as Lynette. Her twin brother Lyney and her have previously featured in Genshin Impact’s official Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview: Travail which briefly encapsulates the story of each nation in the cryptic words of Dainsleif.

Though the tall girl in the middle had her colour palette changed, her stark contrast to the other designs has led leakers to speculate that she’s from Mondstadt- along with the character who stands third from the right and is seemingly holding an Anemo vision. The girl third from the left is also leaked to be the Hydro Archon Focalors.

The distinct blue and red colour palettes also point towards the leak that Fontaine is run by two factions. Fontaine also has a recurring theme of twos or dualities- two factions, two Hydro Archons and even the pair Lyney and Lynette point towards that. The girl on the extreme right has a distinct yellow theme and is also leaked to be a Geo vision holder.

Though all of these designs and models are highly STC (Subject To Change) they all have a distinct design nonetheless which makes all players happy and hopeful for the Fontaine aesthetic. Players haven’t really had multiple vision holders sharing the same colour palette and aesthetic but maybe that’s about to change in Fontaine.

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