Star Wars Jedi Survivor Trailhead Pantheon Puzzle Solution

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Released on 28th April 2023, Star Wars Jedi Survivor has earned immense popularity among players worldwide. The game has challenging enemies, quests, side quests, and puzzles to progress through the story, and some of these objectives are a bit tricky to complete. If you are trying to solve the Trailhead Pantheon Puzzle in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, this guide will help you with the process.

Guide to Solve Trailhead Pantheon Puzzle in Star Wars Jedi Survivor- How to do?

If you have been playing Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you are aware that this game is full of locked doors and mechanisms that can’t be broken. The only way to progress through them is to solve respective puzzles and make your way further. Some of these puzzles can be easily solved, while others are complicated to figure out. So, if you get stuck while solving a puzzle, it’s not only you but thousands of other players who have the same problem.

If you have been trying to figure out the solution to the Trailhead Pantheon puzzle in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, check out the below steps-

1. First, stand on the Circular Pedastral in the middle of the Trailhead Pantheon.

2. On your left side, you will see a metal cover. Use Force Pull to pull it out.

Guide to Solve Trailhead Pantheon Puzzle in Star Wars Jedi Survivor- How to do

3. It will reveal a rope. To Force Pull the rope, get down from the Pedestal and use Force Pull to open the gate with a box.

4. Immediately, leave the rope, run towards the box, and Force Pull it. Do it fast before the gate lowers.

5. Bring the Box to the Pedestal

6. Set the box below the location of the rope, and climb it to get the Trailhead Pantheon.

That’s all you need to know about how to solve the Trailhead Pantheon puzzle in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Though this puzzle is easy to solve, without any guide, you may become a bit confused about how to do it. 

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