Star Wars Jedi Survivor – How to Get the Full Beard Cosmetic

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Cosmetic items are one of the most popular things that players love to get in video games, and for exciting items, they don’t even hesitate to spend money to buy them. In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, players can get lots of customization options, including Cal’s outfit, hairstyle, and Beard. These will help players change the appearance of Cal. However, some of these cosmetic items must be purchased, while others can be found at random locations. This guide will help you know how to get Full Beard Cosmetic in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

How to Find Full Beard in Star Wars Jedi Survivor? Explained

Customization is one of the most popular options in online games. From RPGs to Action-adventure games to Battle-royales, every gaming genre has this feature available so players can provide their in-game character with a unique appearance. Star Wars Jedi Survivor is no exception. This game has different outfits, hairstyles, and even beard styles for Cal.

If you have been trying to give Cal a different look, you can change his hairstyle and Beard. However, these are not available by default; players need to find these items or purchase them in-game. Fortunately, Full Beard is not a purchasable cosmetic item; instead, players need to find it while exploring Southern Reach Area in Koboh. While exploring Southern Reach, you will reach Mosey’s Shack. The chest containing Full Beard is behind the Shack beside the bushes.

Once you get the Beard, you can equip the cosmetic item anytime by visiting the customization menu. Check the below steps to equip it-

1. Pause the game

2. Go to Customization

3. You will see all the cosmetics you own and can select one and equip it.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Full Beard cosmetics in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Remember, cosmetic items are only to change the appearance of the character. They don’t provide any perk or boost.

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