Star Wars Jedi Survivor – How to Complete “Explore the Ruins in the Northern Desert” Objective

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Star Wars Jedi Survivor is one of the latest released action-adventure games with tons of locations to explore. The more you explore the game, the more you will find new unexplored areas. Besides quests and puzzles, the game has Rumors that must be completed to get valuable rewards and Explore the Ruins in the Northern Desert is one of those rumors that must be completed during your journey. If you are confused about how to complete the Rumor, this guide will help you.

Complete the ‘Explore the Ruins in the Northern Desert’ Rumor in Star Wars Jedi Survivor- How to Do?

Star Wars Jedi Survivor has several Ruins to explore, and the Northern Desert Ruin is one of those ruins near The Archive. As you progress through the Path of Persistence, you will get the Rumor by speaking to Eno Cordova in The Archive. Now you may get confused about how to complete the Explore the Ruins in the Northern Desert rumor. So, follow the steps to complete it-

  1. Head to the Path of Persistence which is a little away from Anchorite Base Meditation Point.
  2. As you progress, you will eventually find a Zipline that will take you to the other side.
  3. Once you reach the other side, you have to go to the edge of the pillar, and it will help you go to the next platform up there.
  4. Defeat the enemies and progress forward, where you will see another zipline. Before you use it, you have to solve a puzzle involving marbles.
  5. Once you take care of the stormtroopers, get inside, and you will see another Stormtrooper ambushed there next to the extension cable.
  6. There is a blocked area in front with a grappling point next to it.
  7. Grapple to that spot, defeat the Stormtrooper, and Force Push the marbel.
  8. It will open the blocked area and make a line to push the ball to the top of the cliff.
  9. Bring the marbel back to its position to bring the rock to the initial position.
  10.  Force Push it again, and it will go up.
  11.  Climb walls to reach the top of the cliff and deal with a wave of enemies.
  12. Force Push the marbel, and you will get The New Perk Slot essence.

That’s all you need to know about how to complete the Explore the Ruins in the Northern Desert Rumor in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

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