Serenitea Teapot Maintenance: When Does It End in Genshin Impact?

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Genshin Impact has been having some hiccups with the Serenitea Teapot being under maintenance for nearly a month now, causing players to not be able to log into their Teapot. New players may have never known what it’s like to be inside the pot, and know what all the wood cutting and collecting is about.

When Will the Serenitea Teapot Maintenance End in Genshin Impact?

However, there is good news, as the latest official announcement from Hoyoverse has left a hint towards the end of the long time maintenance. Players might finally be able to use the long-awaited Serenitea Teapot in all its glory.

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Hoyoverse isn’t one to keep their players unhappy though, as they have been compensating them fairly with 5000 Realm Currency every week. That’s 20,000 for the whole month that the Teapot has been inactive, which is a fairly large sum. No doubt, you will be able to purchase a lot with it once the gates of the pot finally open.

As you might have noticed from the update about phase 3 of patch 2.6, Genshin Impact will have another event called Spices from the West, which utilizes the Serenitea Pot in order for the players to create different seasonings. If you’re a Traveler with a knack for cooking, you wouldn’t want to miss this event.

To participate in the event, players will need to use the building mechanics that are currently under maintenance—which means that the Serenitea Teapot might be back in order very soon, just in time for the update which comes on the 14th of May. The Spices from the West is scheduled to run till 7th June, leaving the players with plenty of time to complete the event. So, there is a good chance that the Teapot will be fixed on or before 14th May.

Of course, these are just speculations since Hoyoverse might decide to introduce new mechanisms that do not involve the Serenitea Teapot in any way if it is not fixed yet, but let’s not lose hope.

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