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Project Star Best Stands and Styles Tier List for July 2022

Project Star- Best Stands and Styles Tier List for June 2022

The newest RPG game based on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is Project Star. It’s the result of imagination burst and 10 MinuteAdRevenue. There are several stands to acquire in the game, but your chances of collecting one vary depending on the probability linked with each. 

So, without further delay, let’s get straight into the full tier list of stands and styles.

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Stands Tier List: Project Star

The following is the best tier list of all Project Star Wiki Stands with Chance Raity Odds Percentages:

S-Tier List

Stands Tier RankingChance Rarity
Prime Star Platinum The WorldS+ Tier0.25%
The WorldS+ Tier0.20%
SunS Tier1%
HorusS Tier6%

A-Tier List

Stands Tier RankingChance Rarity
Star PlatinumA Tier2.50%
CreamA Tier3%
Magician’s RedA+ Tier5%
Death ThirteenA+ Tier5%
Silver ChariotA+ Tier10%

B-Tier List

Stands Tier RankingChance Rarity
The FoolB Tier7.50%
Hermit PurpleB Tier10%
Hierophant GreenB+ Tier10%

C-Tier List

Stands Tier RankingChance Rarity
JudgementC Tier15%
Tower of GrayC Tier20%
EmperorC Tier20%

Style Tier List: Project Star

Here is the greatest tier list of all Project Star Styles.

StylesProject Star Tier
Bubble HamonBest
WamuuVery Good

This brings us to the end of our study of the Project Star Tier List rankings. For more information on the Tier Lists, please see our other Tier Lists page.

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