New World

New World – Which Faction to Choose

New World - Which Faction to Choose

New World is closing on its launch date after the ongoing Alpha and the soon-to-follow closed Beta. One of the first things you would be required to choose after some initial levels in the game is the Factions. In total, there are three factions in the game, namely The Covenant, The Syndicate, and The Marauders. Each of these factions has its basic love of things and a driving objective of how the world of Aeternum should be. If you are torn between which factions to choose in New World, we will help you make the choice by explaining about each of them and how to join a Faction.

Which Faction to Choose in New World

At the current state of game, it does not make a difference which faction you choose, but each faction have their own liking and lore. There is also special equipment that’s available to each faction. Here is what you need to know about each faction to choose the best in New World.

Let’s start with The Covenant as it’s the faction with the most territory on the server I am playing. This faction is the religious type and aims to rid the world of all those who do not share their belief.

The Marauders on the other hand have the objective to build a new world where the strong and the mighty prosper.

If you were looking for a higher purpose with the factions, The Marauders are the ones you want to choose. These are people who seek the forbidden knowledge that’s unknown to anyone in Aeternum. With this knowledge, they aim to create a new world that’s’ free from violence and atrocities.

Besides the equipment you get as you level up in the faction and their goal, there isn’t much difference among the three factions. You could choose any one and it would be the right decision. However, if you want to earn more rewards and have an easy game, choose the faction that has the highest power level and territory.     

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