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New World Server Status – Are the Servers Down

New World Servers Down - How to Check New World Server Status

New World is an amazing MMO and has the potential to become one of the best. Most of the popular MMOs in the market are too old and a new big title was long overdue. Amazon does not have the best reputation as a game developer, but it has the resources to make such a large project a success. The fate of the game would become apparent in the Beta itself, so we don’t have to wait anymore. However, users may encounter server problems when playing the game.

New World’s Servers being down is nothing out of the ordinary, it happens in all games that are online. The servers can be down for routine maintenance or due to a glitch. Whatever the reason, you need to know how to check New World server-status, so you are not excessively troubled. Stick with the post and we will show you how to know when New World servers are down.

Are New World Servers Down?

New World is currently topping the Steam charts and it’s one of the most anticipated games, but that can create server issues. A lot of players jumping to play the game can put the servers under strain, but that’s one of the intentions of the beta i.e. to test the capacity of the servers.

Even on the day of the launch, the servers went down for a lot of regions including four worlds in the US. There is also an in-game announcement about a downtime today. A large number of players in the beta has led to Amazon deciding to add more worlds.

Regardless of the cause, you should know when the New World server is down. You can do this at the official Twitter handle for the game. So far, the developers have been very prompt in communicating with the community about the status of the game. If the same continues, the first place to get information about server status is the New World Twitter handle.

There is also an official page for New World server status, where you can check individual servers. Click on the link to go to the website.

Currently, there is no Downdetector page for the game, but we expect it to soon be made. When the page is available we will update this page.

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