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New World Saffron Locations- Where to Find Saffrons

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New World is an adventure survival game developed by Amazon Games and released on 28th September 2021. It is a PC game available in multiplayer mode.

If you have been playing New World for quite some time, you are already aware of the 12 herbs in New World. Saffron is among these 12 Herbs that you can get in New World. Harvesting herb is very easy. You don’t need any level to harvest them. You only need a sickle to collect them.

In this article, we’ll discuss the locations from where you can get Saffrons.

New World Saffron Locations- Where to Find Saffrons

It is not very difficult to find out Herbs in this game, and you can get all the spices from these herbs. But not every herb drops off every spice. There are some particular places where you can get a specific spice from herbs. For example, if you want to find Saffron, you must go to Mourningdale, Brightwood, and First Light. These three are the best areas where you can get Saffron from herbs.

Some players inform that they have found Saffrons in Everfall as well. But most probably, there Saffron spawns rarely. Therefore the chance of getting Saffron from Everfall is very low.

If you are going to get Saffron, stick to First Light or Brightwood. In these two areas, the spawn rate of Saffrons is very high. You will get an adequate amount of Saffron if you stay there for some time. Saffron is a tier 1 spice, so you don’t need any level to get Saffron in New World.

Now, if you don’t want to find it out, you can purchase it as well. Go to Trading Post and type ‘Saffron,’ and you’ll see the prices of Saffron. Compare the prices and select the suitable one.

These are the methods you can use to get Saffrons in New World.

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