New World

New World Large Frogfishes Location – where to Find and Use

New world Large Frogfishes Location

New World is a multiplayer survival game released by Amazon Games on 28th September 2021. The game is set on a fictional island of the mid-seventeenth century, Aeternum, in the Atlantic Ocean.

If you are a New World player, you have already heard about Frogfish. In this article, we will discuss the locations and use of Large Frogfish in the New World.

New World Large Frogfishes Location – where to Find and Use

A Large Frogfish is a Tier 4 ingredient. It’s a rare kind of fish that’s not available very easily. It is a freshwater fish that you can find in Reekwater, Brightwood, Mourningdale, and Great Cleave.

If you don’t want to search for it, you can simply purchase it from Trading Posts. Like, you want to buy it, there must be other players who wish to sell it. To purchase Large Frogfish, open the Trading Post and search for ‘Large FrogFish,’ and you’ll get to know the prices to buy it. Remember to compare the prices before buying it to get the best deal.

A large Frogfish can be used as a cooking material; you can cook it or salvage it for its Frogfish Tails. Frogfish Tails are used in Alchemy. If you are cooking it, combine it with other ingredients to get greater boosts.

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