NBA 2K23 Best Free Throw in MyCareer: Current and Next Gen

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When it comes to the amount of brand-new, thrilling features in NBA 2K23, nothing is left untouched. There is something for every type of player, including pick-up games, developing various skills to even partying with teammates in the locker room. Whatever variant you decide on, whether you want a realistic NBA feel or a more laid-back feel, there is one for you. In NBA 2K23 MyCareer, it’s still essential to equip your MyPlayer with the ideal animations in order to unlock all of their potentials, particularly when it comes to making free throws.

Here are the top free throw animations to acquire throughout NBA 2K23 MyCareer on the Current and the Next Gen, for gamers who want to conquer the free throw line, especially those with little or no attributes affecting their free throw rating.

Current and Future Generation’s Best Free Throws in NBA 2K23

It’s ultimately up to personal opinion, but it’s a good idea to pick a few of the most widely used free throw animations. This is so because not all signatures are created equal, as was evident and extensively discussed in former 2Ks.

The following are a few of the top choices for use at the free-throw line:

  • Michael Jordan
  • Ray Allen
  • Free Throw 55
  • Stephen Curry
  • Carmelo Anthony

These choices are pretty structured and easy to understand, but Free Throw 55 is probably the one that players should test out on their builds first. The players in the Rec, Pro-Am, and 2K League scenes have long been pretty fond of these five.

Thankfully, this year, all of the aforementioned free throw animations are still available without charge. However, the renowned Rick Barry free shot continues to be the preferred move for those trying to draw attention.

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