Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2: All Vehicles Explained

Modern Warfare 2 All Vehicles Explained

Modern Warfare 2 beta was released a few days back on PlayStation, and the PC and Xbox players are still eagerly waiting for the beta to be launched on these platforms. Like every new COD game, Modern Warfare 2 has brought lots of new weapons, operators, equipment, and vehicles. The vehicle list in the beta version shows the range and variety players can expect from the full version of the game.

This guide will help you know about the vehicles in Modern Warfare 2.

How Many Vehicles are Available in the Modern Warfare 2- Complete List

In shooting or battle games, traveling plays an important role. In Modern Warfare 2, players get a huge map to explore; therefore, vehicles are essential to travel. Alternatively, there are multiple types of vehicles in the game that not only help players travel but also help them during battles. The beta version of the game features more than 10 types of vehicles. Follow the below list to know the vehicles you can find in the Modern Warfare 2 beta-

UTVthis vehicle is most effective on the rough surface, especially while progressing through off-road. This car can take 4 people.
ATVATV is the initial version of UTV with 3 seats. It is one of the most miniature vehicles.
Chop TopIt is an open-roof Jeep-like vehicle with rapid movent speed. It is one of the most versatile vehicles in the game.
Cargo TruckCargo Truck is an excellent medium to transport many players from one place to another. Though it’s vulnerable to attacks, it can fit lots of players on it.
Light TankTanks are typical battle vehicles with cannon on it. Light Tank has a multipurpose turret. It is less potent, and the gunner seat is not covered.
Light HaloLight Halo is a chopper with 5 people, including a pilot, to fit inside. It can transport enemies from one location to another through the air.
SUVSUVs are vehicles to contain 4 passengers and 1 driver. It is used for a quick gateway
Heavy ChopperThe Heavy Chopper is also an air vehicle like Light Halo with cargo to fit several players inside.
Armored Patrol BoatIt is a water transport vehicle. It has powerful machine guns (.50 Cal) and holds multiple players.
Heavy TankIt is a powerful tank with seats for a driver and a gunner. It can deal massive damage.
APCAPC is a massive vehicle exporting 12 players together. The tricky part is not all of them can drive or shoot. At a time, only six players can be active.
RHIBRHIB is also a water transport vehicle that can transport players through the sea but can’t deal damage.
TAC-VTAC-V is one of the armored land vehicles that can transport 4 passengers, including a driver. It has .50 Cal machine guns to deal damage to the opponent.
HatchbackHatchback is a civilian vehicle with armor to protect the car from attacks.

These are the vehicles players can find in Modern Warfare 2 Beta. The Full version of the game may bring some more varieties to make the game more exciting and thrilling.

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