Kirara’s Best Weapons in Genshin Impact Version 3.7

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Kirara is a courier girl with the Komaniya Express in Inazuma and comes from the Nekomata tribe. Aside from being a pretty catgirl, she’s a robust and dependable Dendro shielder who completes the Dendro element roster which now has units to perform any and all support and DPS positions in the game. If her value as a shielder wasn’t enough, she also has a fun and convenient exploration ability to make travelling about Teyvat much easier. 

In the following piece, we’ll go over her best weapons and the builds that go with them. Continue reading to find out which weapon best suits your gameplay. 

Kirara’s Favourite Weapons in Genshin Impact 3.7

The 4-star Dendro sword wielder Kirara has the ability to forge shields, deal Dendro damage, and improve exploration. Her stat priority will therefore be HP% since her shield scales on HP%. She may be a Dendro unit, but she’s not as well equipped for reactions, therefore EM and ER can be given less attention. 

Since there aren’t many weapons that provide bonus HP%, most of her best weapons are those that give her ER% or EM to increase the utility and viability of her burst. Listed below are her best weapons alongwith their specific benefits pertaining to her kit.

  • Key of Khaj Nisut: It’s no surprise that a 5-star sword with an HP% secondary stat is her general BiS (Best-in-slot). This weapon also gives your teammates bonus EM so it’s perfect.
  • Favonius Sword: If you want a battery Kirara then we recommend this one as it’ll generate a ton of energy particles.
  • Sacrificial Sword: While the ER% bonus is lesser than Favonius Sword, this one gives you a stronger shield by allowing you to cast your Skill twice in quick succession. This sword is preferable at higher refinements.
  • Sapwood Blade: This is her BiS F2P craftable weapon as it not only gives you ER% but also EM from its passive.

You can also use Freedom Sworn or Iron Sting if you want to build her as a Dendro sub-DPS and want her to contribute to the team’s damage. That said, these weapons considerably reduce her viability as a shielder. She best fits into pure Bloom and Quicken teams so if you consistently play these comps then she’s someone you will enjoy.

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