Is YouTube TV Down – How to Check

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YouTube TV is a popular streaming application where you can watch your favorite live shows. But like most applications, YouTube TV does have its ups and downs. If you are unable to watch any live stations on YouTube TV, you would be wondering if the app is down or if it is the fault on your end. In this guide, we will see how to check YouTube TV Down and check YouTube TV status

Is YouTube TV Down – How to Check

There are several reasons why YouTube TV is down, and the most common issue is from the server’s side. If you find that YouTube TV is not working, you can visit the YouTube Twitter page to get status updates and to know whether YouTube TV is working or not.

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Another way to check whether YouTube TV is down is to visit any site like Downdetector to know whether the outrage is region specific or just for your application. If the issue is about just your application, then you can follow some of the tips below to get YouTube TV to work again

  • Restart the App – You can try to force shut YouTube TV and then launch the app again
  • Restart the device – You can also try to restart your device or power cycle the device, then try to launch YouTube TV
  • Reinstall YouTube TV – If you are still unable to watch your shows, then you can uninstall and reinstall the app
  • Check Network Connection – Sometimes your network could cause problems, so you should restart your router or switch networks. You can also use a hotspot to see if it helps
  • Update version – If your YouTube TV app is outdated, then you will run into issues. You should check and download the latest update for the app
  • Enable Permission – If you have restricted the app’s permission, you will encounter problems. To check this, go to your phone’s Settings > Privacy (iOS) or Location (Android) > App location permissions > YouTube TV > Enable While Using the App and Location Services
  • Manage active devices – YouTube TV has a restriction for how many devices can log into one account, so you should check if you have exceeded the number of devices that are logged in
  • Change Account – Sometimes it could be an issue with your account. You can switch to a different account and see if you are still experiencing the issue. 

If none of the tips above work, then it is best to contact the YouTube customer support team and have the issue sorted. If you like this post you can check out our other articles like Fix YouTube TV Error 4 and YouTube TV Error Code 3 Fix

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