How to Unlock New Weapons in Soulstone Survivors

Soulstone Survivors is the newest roguelike on the market, and it isn’t like the regular ones. In addition to dungeon delving, you will be fighting against monsters with an extensive skill system where you can even prestige in the game. Pitted against waves of enemies, you will be fighting it out in the dungeons in this roguelike RPG. In this guide, we will take you through the process of how to unlock new weapons in Soulstone Survivors.

Soulstone Survivors: How to Unlock New Weapons

In the game Soulstone Survivors, you will be able to fight a lot of monsters in a single run as you are placed on the map with waves of enemies coming after you. You might want to get an upgrade on your weapons if you want to make it through some of the harder enemies and get to endless mode. This game is all about survival, and you will need to ensure that you can make it through with the weapons that you have, or get an upgrade.

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You can get more weapons which the help of weapon recipes. You won’t have access to them during the beginning of the game, but some characters will have the option to get a new weapon recipe. As the game is still in early access, it is expected that more recipes will be added to the game as time goes by.

If you want to unlock new weapons, the first thing that you will need to do is to visit the blacksmith. This is the guy that will forge the recipes for you, and thus, you can unlock them in this manner. 

To access the blacksmith, you will need to click on the left tab where you have a list of all the craftable weapons for the character you have. You can select the character at the upper left of the screen. Once you find a suitable weapon that you like, you need to check that you have enough coins. If you do, press on the button at the bottom of the screen to craft it.

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      1. Yea, this is unlocking the weapons themselves. This is extremely misleading.

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