How to Unlock Medic Gunner Class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and Best Skills and Arts

How to Unlock Medic Gunner Class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and Best Skills and Arts

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, once you get all your six team members, it’s your turn to unlock heroes who will serve as the seventh member of your team. There are several heroes you can unlock, and with them, you unlock that particular class. In the case of the Medic Gunner Class, players will get the two best characters to unlock- Eunie and Taion. Players unlock the entire class by unlocking the characters of a particular class. This guide will help you know how to unlock Medic Gunner Class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Medic Gunner Class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3- How to Unlock? Skills and Arts

Medic Gunner is a Healer Class, and players need to unlock Eunie to unlock Medic Gunner Class. The specialty of this class is that they support their teammates by restoring a significant amount of HP. The team can learn the abilities of the Medic Gunner Class from Eunie. Upon reaching Chapter 2, players need to complete Hillside Hulk Standard Quest to gain the ability to change classes. Because Medic Gunner is a default class of Eunie, players don’t need to unlock it like other classes. You can only change the class to get Medic Gunner Class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Best Characters

Eunie is a default character of Medic Gunner Class. Players don’t need to unlock her separately, making her the best pick for Medic Gunner Class. Eunie has impressive abilities like Group Heal, Healing Ring, Myopic Screen, etc., to help her teammates whenever they are injured. Additionally, she stuns enemies, and with her Daze Status, she becomes one of the best choices for the players.

Another character you can choose from this class is Taion. He also has excellent healing abilities, and he can make the enemies sleep to get some time to heal his teammates. Additionally, with his abilities like Avenging Eagle, Hazy Figure as his Arts, and Stormy Skies, he lowers the evasion of his enemies and inflicts Break status.

Best Arts of Medic Gunner Class

  • Group Heal: It is a healing attack with no base effect.
  • Myopic Screen: It is an Ether Attack with no base effect.
  • Power Ring: It is a Set Field Attack with a small field range of effect.

Best Skills of Medic Gunner Class

  • Defensive Soul: It is a Class Rank 5 skill that boosts the character’s Physical Defense Abilities by 10%.

That’s all you need to know about how to unlock Medic Gunner Class and its best Arts and Skills.

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