How to Toggle Stay/Follow for your Diggo in Dinkum

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Dinkum is a life and farming simulation game by the developer James Bendon. where you make the island of your dreams. There are a lot of neat features in the game that makes the early release version of the game worth playing. Players are already hooked on the early release version on Steam, and there is no doubt that this game will gain more and more popularity. This guide will take you through the process of how to toggle the stay/follow command for your dog or diggo in Dinkum.

Make your Dog Stay or Follow You in Dinkum

You might want to have a pet dog of your own, but you’ll need to train it. You can get a dog in Dinkum and train it like your very own. It will sit and follow on command, just like a real dog would, but better.

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When it comes to getting your own dog in Dinkum, the initial process takes quite a bit of time since you need to get a collar for them. You can get these items only in the deep mine, which is below the surface level in Dinkum. The deep mine has a lot of treasures awaiting you, but a lot of dangers as well.

Once you are well-prepared for the deep mine, you can go looking for treasure rooms and unlock them with Old Keys that you find with the help of the Metal Detector. Collars are randomly placed in these rooms. When you have a collar, you will be able to use it on any dog on the surface. This dog becomes your pet and you will be able to get it to stay or follow.

To toggle the option, all you need to do is pet the dog now. One mouse click button will get them to follow you, while two clicks will get them to stay. Thus, you can make your obedient pet stay at home when you don’t want them to accompany you to fight enemies.

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