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How to See your My Warzone Legacy Video

How to See your My Warzone Legacy Video

A number of players are dropping into Warzone for one last match before Warzone 2 kicks off on November 16th to prepare for Warzone 2. Activision has added an all-new feature to Warzone that will allow players to remember their game experiences by reflecting on them: My Warzone Legacy Videos. 

From your very first drop in Warzone to highlights from your playtime and even what weapons were most popular in the game, everything is at your fingertips with My Warzone Legacy Video. Here’s how to see it.

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What is My Warzone Legacy Video?

The original Warzone will be a fond memory for players, so Activision created personalized videos for each player to remember the game. There are many highlights in these My Warzone Legacy videos that include information about the weapons you preferred most, highlights of your playtime, memories with your squadmates, and more.

How to See your My Warzone Legacy Video?

To see the My Warzone Legacy Video,

  • Open the MyWarzoneLegacy Website. 
  • Now enter your Activision Id.
  • The format of your Activision ID is your username, followed by a hashtag and a few digits.
  • Now enter submit.

As soon as you submit, you’ll be able to see your Warzone Legacy video – a collection of memories. Players have until November 30th to claim their legacy videos before they are unavailable. Let’s get nostalgic!

This was all about the My Warzone Legacy Video in Warzone 2. The game is set to release within a week, so check our other guides to stay updated with the game. 

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