Nobody - The Turnaround

How to Romance Characters in Nobody – The Turnaround

How to Romance Characters in Nobody - The Turnaround

Just like in real life, you will be able to maintain your relationship with the other characters in Nobody – The Turnaround. Some NPCs will have the option of romance, and you can eventually take them on dates and perform activities to help boost your relationship. In this guide, we will take you through the process of how to romance characters in Nobody – The Turnaround.

How Does Romance Work in Nobody – The Turnaround

Romance is essentially disguised as a minigame with the WasApp Chatting game. You will be going through several stages of a relationship with a character that can be romanced. Note that you will not be able to romance every character in the game. 

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Once you meet a Romanceable character, you will need to interact with them and get their contact details. Then, you will be able to chat with them using the WasApp Chatting feature. You can use the chat every in-game day to increase your relationship levels with this character. 

When the relationship moves past a certain point, you will move on to conversations at night, and then have the ability to go on dates. By completing events with the NPC you can gain a heart in the relationship, and build your way up to five hearts. 

To play the WasApp Chatting Minigame in Nobody – The Turnaround, you will need to follow a few rules. You can pick eight topics to have a conversation with your partner. You can have three possible results for each topic depending on whether the character likes the topic. 

If the NPC Loves the topic, the color shown will be green, and you will get 10% added to the fire meter. If it is grey, they are Neutral to the topic and you will not have any gain or loss. You will be pointed in the direction of a possible Loved topic by the arrow. And if the color is red, the character Hates the topic and you will lose 5% on the fire meter. 

Once you have successfully completed the chatting session, your relationship level with the character will increase.

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