Nobody The Turnaround: Answers to the Hiring Exam

 Nobody The Turnaround: Answers to the Hiring Exam

Nobody-The Turnaround takes place in a parallel universe similar to our own but set in a modern metropolis rather than a familiar jungle of concrete. It is a story of people living paycheck to paycheck under all the glitz and glamour, barely managing to feed themselves and their families in this endless sprawl with no skyscrapers or glamorous parties.

You will encounter a woman in Nobody The Turnaround who requires you to take a hiring exam. This test has ten questions – five are multiple choice questions, four are fill-in-the-blank questions, and one is a long answer. It is derived from a real employment test given by an electronics manufacturer in 2020. Let’s see in this guide what are the answers to the hiring exam.

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Answers to the Hiring Exam in Nobody-The Turnaround


Following are the answers to the 10 questions in the hiring exam for scoring a perfect 100:

Ques 1. 1-2

Ans. Option C: – 1

Ques 2. |1-2|

Ans. Option A: 1

Ques 3. 1x2x3

Ans. Option B: 6

Ques 4. 36÷4÷3

Ans. Option D: 3

Ques 5. 5+5×5

Ans. Option B: 30

Ques 6. 1+10+100+1000

Ans. 1111

Ques 7. If you cut off the one angles in a triangle, how many angles will be left?

Ans. 4

Ques 8. Chicken and rabbits put in the same cage and 30 feet could be seen. If there are 5 rabbits among them, how many chickens are there in the cage?

Ans. 5

Ques 9. What is the capital of China?

Ans. Beijing

Ques 10. Please type the capitalized alphabet from A to Z


This concludes our guide on all the answers to the hiring exam in Nobody-The Turnaround. Keep checking our other guides for more updates on the game. 

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