Nobody - The Turnaround

Favorite Topics of All Romanceable Characters in Nobody – The Turnaround

Nobody - The Turnaround Romanceable Characters Favorite Topics

If you are looking for romance in the new life simulator game Nobody – The Turnaround, you will find it in the form of some characters. In this guide, we will take you through the list of all the Romanceable characters in Nobody – The Turnaround as well as their favorite topics.

Nobody – The Turnaround Romanceable Characters Favorite Topics

Romance plays a big role in the game, and there are characters that you will be able to foster relationships with and eventually go on dates. There are only two Romanceable characters in the game currently. Let’s see who they are and what they are fond of.

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You should aim to talk about the topics that the character loves, and avoid the ones that they hate in order to quickly increase your relationship level. Below, you will find the list of all characters that you can romance along with their favorite topics. 

Mei Yoyo

You will first meet Mei at the Clinic where she will tell you that she is leaving. The next day, you will be able to find her again and begin a relationship with her.

  • Loved Subjects – Accordion, Art, Baseball, Camping, CartoonPark, Costume, Detective, Electronic, Equestrian, Fantasy, FastFood, Games, Harp, Horror, HotSpring, IceTown, Jazz, Paper-cuts, Party, Pipa, Pop, Pure, Romance, Roombreak, Saxophone, Shopping, Skating, Skiing, Stocks, Tennis, Theme Park, Travel, TRPG, VarietyShow, Violin, Waterpark
  • Neutral Subjects – Actioner, Aerobics, Agricola, Aquarium, Astronomy, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Bass, Billiards, Boating, Caving, ChuanCuisine, Classical, Climbing, Comedy, Concert, Country, Cycling, Dance, Disco, Diving, DressUp, Drum, Dumbbell, Fashion, Fencing, FlyCrazy, Folk, Foodie, FootRace, Gangster, Guitar, Guzheng, HI-LOW, Homestay, HuiCuisine, Literature, LuCuisine, Mahjong, Massage, MinCuisine, Newsreel, Painting, Philosophy, Photography, PingPong, Plank, Potter, Push-Up, Puzzle, Rap, Resort, Rock, Sauna, ShortFife, Sit-Ups, Skydiving, Squat, SunBath, SuonaHorn, Suspense, Swim, Symphonia, Tensile, Video, Vlogger, WesternFood, XiangCuisine, Yoga, YueCuisine, ZheCuisine, Zoo
  • Hated Subjects – Boxing, Bungy, Cooking, Fishing, Football, Gardening, Metal, Piano, Warfilm

Gao Shanshan

Gao will be at the Fashion Store on West Rd, and you will need to purchase something to make conversation. You can begin a relationship with him after successive visits to the shop.

  • Loved Subjects – Aerobics, Astronomy, Billiards, Boating, Classical, Costume, Disco, Diving, DressUp, Fashion, Guzheng, Homestay, HotSpring, Paper-cuts, Party, Plank, Pop, Puzzle, Resort, Romance, Sauna, Skating, Skiing, Squat, Tennis, Travel
  • Neutral Subjects – Accordion, Actioner, Agricola, Aquarium, Athletics, badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Bass, Bungy, Camping, CartoonPark, ChuanCuisine, Comedy, Concert, Country, Cycling, Dance, Detective, Drum, Electronic, Equestrian, Fantasy, Fencing, Fishing, Folk, Foodie, Games, Gangster, Harp, HI-LOW, IceTown, JapanFood, Jazz, Literature, Mahjong, Marathon, Massage, MinCuisine, NewsReel, Painting, Philosophy, Photography, PingPong, Pipa, Potter, Pure, Push-Up, Rap, Robot, RoomBreak, Saxophone, Shopping, ShortFife, Sit-Ups, Stocks, SuCuisine, Sunbath, SuonaHorn, Suspense, Swim, Tensile, Theme Park, TRPG, VarietyShow, Video, Violin, WarFilm, WaterPark, WesternFood, XiangCuisine, Yoga, YueCuisine, Zoo
  • Hated Subjects – Art, Boxing, Climbing, Dumbbell, FastFood, FlyCrazy, Football, Gardening, Horror, Piano, Rock, Symphonia

If you want a full guide on how to romance these characters, you can check out our guide here: How to Romance Characters in Nobody – The Turnaround.

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