How to Power the Mecha in Dyson Sphere Program

If you love engineering games and you want something similar to Satisfactory, Dyson Sphere Program is the game for you. The Sci-Fi Management game is topping charts of Steam above popular games like Rust and even Cyberpunk 2077. However, to get started with the game can be complicated and you may have several questions. One of the crucial thing is to powering the Mecha in Dyson Sphere Program. The Mecha is the character you play, basically a robot. There are various ways to recharge or power the Mecha. You can use various resources as fuel. Keep scrolling and we will share everything you need to know about how to power the Mecha in Dyson Sphere Program.

How to Power the Mecha in Dyson Sphere Program

As you jump into the game, within a short time you will realize that the Mecha is running out of power and you need to find ways to refuel it quickly. Your surrounding has sufficient resources that can fuel the Mecha.

The bower bar that indicated the level of power of the robot at the bottom centre of the screen, so you can monitor it at all times. Its placement right before you also suggests that it’s one of the most important things.

By now, you would have guessed that performing any task in the game reduces the Mecha’s power. While, resting refuels the Mecha, but the process and slow and irksome. You would want to find other sources of power so you can function and perform tasks normally in the game.

Here are all the sources of fuel that you can utilize in the game.

  1. Organic Fuel, which includes plants and trees.
  2. Coal, you will find plenty of them on your planet and nearly, they are black blocks on the ground.
  3. Hydrogen Fuel Rods, you gain access to them after.

Besides the above three, there are several other sources of power in the game. Basically, anything that has the Energy stat can be used as a source of power for the Mecha.

Now, that you know the source of power, you will want to know how to actually perform the process of fuelling the Mecha, which is pretty straightforward. Open the Mecha Panel by pressing C and grad and drop the fuel into the Fuel Chamber. That’s it, the Mecha will be recharged or powered-up.

The Mecha will slowly process the fuel you provided and convert it into Core Energy. After it’s completely refuelled, the process will stop until the power goes down again. If it’s out of fuel, you will again have to feed it the power sources.

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